Fresh Start

An empty canvas. 

A fresh start. 

It’s time to create for me. 

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The Growing Within

As I have been creating for the past few years, I have changed a lot. My style, the way I create, my inspirations, my motivations…they have all changed. These talents of mine have taken their time to truly grow into what they were meant to be.

This painting I created after my daughter was born, [though the idea was growing while she was still within me] has felt like the beginning of a new direction. It has felt as though a weight has been lifted off me as I share this meaningful art. I finally feel like I am creating the way I was meant to create. 17- The Growth Within

Please share this art (with credit of course) with those that you feel inspired to share with.

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Profile Portrait

Hello blogging world! I have failed at sharing my thoughts and artwork with you. But that is going to change. Expect to see more of my creations, crafts, and motherhood moments.

I currently just listed an option for a new type of custom portrait, I call it a Profile Portrait!! It is a small portrait, that is meant to fit perfectly in your social media profile picture!! It a unique and fun alternative to an ordinary picture and only $20!

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